Installation Instructions for Captain Dave's Release System

Remove snap from diver and install red clip as shown. You will need to open both ends of snap. Feed red clip on from big end and work it to small end  then close small end.

Drill a 1/8 inch hole in vertical fin as shown. Drill as close to horizontal fin as possible.

Reinstall snap with red clip to vertical fin.

Attach snap of supplied leader to the drilled hole

Adjust set screw for desired release attention.
(You will have to trial and error the adjustment at first)
The leader goes into red clip with the tubing to the diver side as shown.
The leader above the red clip attaches to your rod line.
(use a good quality swivel snap to attach it)
When a fish hits the leader is released from the red clip and you
now can fight your fish without the downward pull of the diver.